+ We are passengers, crossing this kind wide world; one day at a time.

We are nomads, living & working different seasons in different places; constantly traveling and seeking new experiences as life moves ahead. We are intrigued by history & heritage, beautiful landscapes, literature, contemporary art and visual content.

Along our journey, we are collecting memories in form of drawings, photographs or writing, often initiating projects as we contemplate riding our motorcycle. We have exhibited our works in Delhi, Leh, Kargil, Sikkim and Prague; Czech Republic and Seoul; Republic of Korea over last 4 years.

+ Our Story

Hélène from Brittany; France and Debasish from Assam; India sat outside after another dinner cooked in the dark, a two-sentence lyric song was been playing on repeat in the background. “We are hiding on the farside of the moon…” Humming unknowingly, they kept contemplating the star clouds in the clear sky where the sun had been dazzling all day.

This was in Padum, Zanskar; a place where one understands what ‘remote’ means. The road to Padum is one of the most impressive and dangerous on earth; the horizon narrows itself down to open up again without warning, one feels trapped among the mysterious peaks until reaching the wide open valley where Padum sits.

Farside is where we live, travel and work, venturing into the unexplored, not only physically hard to reach, but places where potential is hidden, forgotten, awaiting for cultural activation.

We are Leh’s only artist run studio/project space working from a small house. Our modest studio is based in a small village in Leh called Sankar in Upper Karzoo.

Our works are primarily moving around contemporary arts, graphic design, photography and films, manifesting into art residencies, zine shows, exhibitions, talks, screenings and publication of art books . We are lover of books and you will find a great range of readings with us.You are most welcome to visit our studio in Sankar; please call before dropping by, we might have gone to fetch fresh Kashmiri breads and paneer.

To know more about our studio, residency opportunities, current and past exhibitions please visit the Studio/Residency section of the website.


Debasish Borah

Debasish Borah

Hélène Thébault

Hélène Thébault