The Institute of Daily Objects is an ongoing project which is an attempt to celebrate the mundane, to reclaim the beauty of basic simple objects of life which doesn’t necessarily need to be put into a museum, objects which regular people use in everyday life. Life which is out of Instagram filters and facebook statuses, life of washing clothes and daily bowel movement rituals. Daily Objects are daily objects, unimportant and regular, thats what the Institute of Daily Objects aims to uphold.

The Institute collects and create exhibitions out of objects related to personal memories of regular people. We have an collection of over 400 archival images collected from various sources and over 50 regular objects from different period of time in our collection.  The Institute of Daily Objects is a museum which specializesin study, research and promotion of daily objects.

The Board of Directors decided to open the museum to initiate a dialogue between common people and daily objects, both being neglected in all spheres of our society. The common man is denied basic human rights year after year and objects of daily use are not considered any worth. The entire raison d’ être is focused on Daily Objects, regular memories around them, regular heritage in Architecture, Art or Nature.

The Institute of Daily Objects aims to break this monopoly of “important” people, events, objects, art, design and heritage and reclaim the narrative for regular people and everyday objects.

Some photos from our collection are as follows.

To see the entire collection of over 500 objects, photographs, letters etc, please drop an email at for an appointment.

+ You can also be a contributor!

People from all over the world are supporting the museum by sending photographs of objects of daily use. Be a part of the rich legacy of the Institute. How can you contribute?

-Send an email at expressing interest in sending an object to the museum. One doesn’t have to send a real object, but photographs are also accepted.

-Once the management of the Institute of Daily objects approves the object. The sender will be sent a detailed instruction detailing how to send the object. If the real object is not sent, but photographs or video, specific instructions will be provided. Along with the submission the sender is required to send a detailed note, why the object needs to be in the museum and what specific value(emotional or monetary) it holds for the sender.

-The team of experts of the museum will work on the object involving the sender closely to create a narrative/story around it and finally the object goes to the museum.

  • The sender has to acknowledge if the object attract a lot of viewers or becomes important, the management will destroy it without any approval and dispose it off.


a. Institute of Daily Objects; Manual. Published 2018.

b. Untitled; Case of a lost worker, 2018.