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+ Who is Farside Collective?

We are an artist run independent project space & gallery based out of Leh. We are working and living in Leh since 2012 working in contemporary arts, graphic design, architecture, furniture design and photography. We create artist books and support independent publication.

+ What is the 10 day workshop about and what is the plan?

We are inviting 10 photographers to join us for 10 day workshop from 15th to 25th June 2019; living and working from our modest studio/house in Leh. We are looking for passionate people who use photography as a medium or a message for expression. We will be working closely with each participant in converting an artist concept into physical printed photobook. The workshop will start from the initial concept of converting it into a photo narrative, book designing and finally conclude into a printed photobook/Zine. The photographers can come with an empty palate and create works in Leh to make the photobook or come with an already existing body of photographic works. We are also interested in exploring work around 'found images'.We will help not only in the creative process, but also provide inputs like InDesign feedbacks, book-binding etc. The photographic works can be conceptual or documentary. We also highly encourage converting literature to visual narrative by means of a photo-book.

We will put the participants in 'provocative' areas of social, cultural and political spectrums, to find interesting voices from the cameras. The works can be conceptual or documentary. We will visit very interesting sites of traditional Buddhist art in Ladakh-Saspol & Alchi.

Lamayuru, 120kms west of Leh

Lamayuru, 120kms west of Leh

+ What kind of artists/photographers should apply?

We are not looking at any specific kind of 'photographers' rather artists who work with photographs and love books. The entire excercise is to make photo-books and provide much needed space for the same which is fast shrinking. Students of art, design, photography and film are encouraged to apply.

+ What are the deliverables?

Each artist/photographer is expected to create a photo-book or a zine by the end of the workshop. We expect artists to work individually or groups. Farside team will closely work with each participant to conceptualize, curate and design the books/zines. Alternative printing technologies like analog photography, photocopying, screenprinting, collages, type-writing etc are encouraged. Farside will support each artist in above mentioned printmaking techniques, prior knowledge is good, but not mandatory. Each participant will be supported by critique sessions.

Additionally, an exhibition opening in our gallery space to close the residency is planned. Along with it, as we always do, we take our works to the Leh bazar to exhibit in the public, organise zine shows and a small make-shift shop selling the photo-books. Our studio can support image making, B&W manual photo-development, basic printmaking, digital-printing, book binding etc.

+ What are the costs involved?

The total cost of the 10-day workshop including logistics (living, food, internal travels etc), production cost (prints, equipments, exhibition etc) and support to the art space is Indian Rs. 36,500. To understand in detail about the cost, what all it covers and instalment dates please refer to the details

Important dates

//Photo : CONSTRUCT// WORKSHOP DATES: 15th-25th June 2019

Application Open: 26th February 2019
Application Closes: 30th March 2019
Notification to selected artists: 5th April 2019  (Due to volume of applications, emails will be sent to selected artists only)


+ Who are the curators/coordinators of the residency?

Debasish & Hélène, founders of Farside Collective and Jaipur based visual artist Anubhav Syal are the curators and coordinators of the workshop. All of them have worked with images, books and zines since last couple of years in their respective domains.

+ Can i work independently or I have to adhere to the guidelines provided by the workshop organisers?

While we expect you to work independently, we have to agree on the basic area of work during the workshop. You are free to work with tools and resources you are comfortable with, but we would like to curate and edit when we work together to create the photo-book. We expect you to trust us in our editorial/curatorial and logistical experience.

+ Can i see some of the previous works done by Farside Collective?

Yes of course ! please follow the links as mentioned.

  • to see our all works click here ; to see our publications, click here
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  • to have a look in the summer program hosted by us in Kargil, 2015 click here
  • to have a look in the works done in the Border settlements of Turtuk, see here
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  • to see our exhibitions in Delhi click here & here
  • Anubhav Syal works:

+ What will I get from the workshop?

You will have an fanstastic opportunity to work closely with our team to create photographs and make a photo-book/zine from the same. We are briging together mentors with different skills and practices to one singular platform for a fulfilling experience. We will select a good mix of participanting artists for all of us to benefit from each other. We will work around conceptual, narrative and documentary photography and produce some great books !

+ Do I get to travel during the workshop?

You can make short trips on your own depending you stick to the timeline and deliverables. To understand please refer back to the 10 day plan here

+ Can I skip some days and travel on my own?

No. This is a short intensive workshop, you cannot skip any days. You are free to travel on your own before/after the workshop.

+ How do i reach Leh? Please provide a travel advisory?

For basic information about travels and how to reach, you can understand it here. We will issue a travel advisory to all selected artists on a later date.

Queries should be directed to or